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10 Years of Oregon Volks Camps - 2011

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2011 is dedicated to Bookwus Mike Browning.  We lost our dear friend to cancer in that year.
Although he was my friend for only a couple of years, his influence was great.  A few months before he died, he took me to lunch and we talked about life.
We talked about living a life with true abandon.  I'll never forget the grave look he gave me, as he spoke of the regrets in his own life, chapters un-lived and now too late.  
"Bob, you've gotta do what is in your heart, while you can"
Because once you can't, it's already too late.

We miss you, Mike.
lonely Bookwus Bus and Gypsie 2011 Lucky Lab Portland

Though not to death, we also lost our dear friend Barry, who married and moved away to Idaho, then Hawaii, and finally Grants Pass.
Also friends Mike and Elaine moved away to Walla, Walla, Washington and the good life, camps becoming a distant burden as a new life blossoms.
  Attrition affects us all, we are the victims of time trapped in the web, the sticky ether beyond creation.

Well, at least our handsome friend Gypsie is back in the pics.  Here we have him installing his newly built engine for a '80 Vanagon Westfalia.

One nut loose Stephan March 2011 Ridgefield WA
He is now in Ridgefield, WA, after a life in Portland.  I miss him too, his move affected me a great deal as well.
  There was certainly a lot of letting go in 2011, as we welcomed new friends and experiences.

Annual Badger Creek Camp 
In the crotch between the Badgers, literally as the map surely shows,
on the edge of the White River Wildlife Area.
John March 2011 Badger Creek, what a beautiful sound in the woods

This is the "thank God it stopped raining for a couple days" camp.
Summer is far too short in Oregon...

Randy's first wilderness camp in Oregon!  March 2011 Badger Creek and a new lifelong friend

Jasan at Badger March 2011 staring intently at that unlit fire concentrating until it bursts into flames

Jasan on the ancient trail March 2011 Badger Creek Canyon

Sluggo Randy tucked away in the pines wishing he didn't quit smoking that weekend
Badger Creek March 2011 
Forget it man you're stuck with us

Jasan John and Mark March 2011 Badger Creek in the scattered light of spring

Annual 4-20 Camp - Rho Creek
Along one of the many longhaul paved logging roads
Giant old funky firs, forest still thrives between the intrusions
Eva at Rho big kid April 2011

Every time I've been here, it has been freezing.  Absolutely, an icy chute down the creek, tumbling windy over the loud round rocks in the river all wearing shaggy green felt hats.

 Sluggo at Rho April 2011 beaming new camper

Hal April 2011 jaunty Birthday Boy 

Stephan like a bartender basking in the temporary sun, deep in the shadows of Rho April 2011

This place is a miracle, a strip of asphalt can't hide that.  The trees are fat vertical pillars reaching into a shadowy land way beyond our reach.  It is a habitat still intact, full of heavy moss and owls.
Here is something you won't believe: the corporate giants of the 1920s wanted to flood this ancient forest for hydropower.

The depression put an end to this nonsense, and larger hydro projects on the Columbia River quickly became the future, and especially as a nation geared up for war.
Unfortunately, we lost Timothy Meadows to a giant artificial lake, and now ironically one of the most popular recreation areas in the Mt. Hood region.

 tough customers Stephan Randy and Hal ramble down a Forest Service logging road April 2011

Hal Don Randy Eva and Gypsie 
At the Rho Creek trailhead, just recently recovered from abandonment, lots of hard work April 2011

Eva Randy Hal and Stephan April 2011
looking for lost trails in one of the many Clackamas deltas, land of a million creeks

Eva Hal and Gypsie enjoy a lovely spring day at Fawn Creek April 2011
 a canyon unfortunately cleared by roads and recent logging, no place to camp

Linney Ck. Camp
Down another hell road, 8 miles or so thru the old Abbot Burn of the 1920s, rhododendrons scrape off your paint.  I like it.
Randy dapper on the old trail at Linney well done chap July 2011 and the rhodies are in bloom in the mountains
Even in July we have to wear wool sweaters

Annual Hambone Camp
what's with these horrible roads?  At least we can get some peace.  
This entire area burned badly in fires from the teens and '20s.  It has now completely recovered, and part of the Roaring River Wilderness and the Salmon Huckleberry.
A vast land chock full of bears and so many gorgeous trees it makes your heart swell.
Randy trundles down the Abbot on a very glorious July day 2011

 Jasan and Randy overlook an entire wilderness July 2011 Roaring River Country

Tosa loves Jasan July 2011 Abbot Camp

 Randy Eva Jasan and Jill do nothing useful Abbot Camp July 2011

Stephan Randy Don Joseph Caspian and Eva Explorer Post 100 at Hambone July 2011

 Joseph and Caspian inspect a tree along a lost trail Salmon Huckleberry April 2011

Joseph and Randy work on the old trail July 2011 

Gypsie Randy and Joseph soak up that midsummer sun Abbot Rd July 2011 Model T country

heaven of light Eva and Randy celebrate July 2011 Abbot Camp

High Rock Camp
An old CCC camp between the burns and neglected
Year two of Outhouse Restoration, with a giant crew this time

Well who can turn down the opportunity to fix a poop shack?

A job well done Don Neal Hal and Stephan saved for the ages Sept 2011

A beaming Huck Finn Gypsie Sept 2011 Indian Summer

Neal from the outhouse trail Sept 2011

 The guys are POOPED out after all that work Hal Neal and Don Sept 2011 escape the heat

 Gypsie kicking back, the book upside down High Rock Sept 2011 just kidding Stephan

The crew at High Rock Sept 2011 fleeting summertime

No Hunter's Moon Camp this year?  I guess not.

Annual Winter Solstice Camp
Pot Ck. frozen solid for the winter, deer bones strewn about in the diamond cold.
Sluggo at the old camp at Pot Ck in the frost Dec 2011

Eva's first winter camp, braving the 20s with Randy Dec 2011
she hasn't camped in the winter since...

 Eva and Randy looking for old trails in the 4 hours of solstice daylight, in the clearcuts Dec 2011

Randy and Eva in the cold Solstice night Dec 2011

The tree grows an acorn, it sprouts yet the mother dies and onward all life goes.

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