Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Brand New Six Foot Crosscut Saw

Just like the old saws, Hambone Saw Works is still at it.

I am pleased to announce a brand new 6 foot crosscut!  It is freshly set and sharpened, hand hammered rakers and ready to sing.  It is constructed from very high quality steel - the same used in the mills for their high speed band saws.
I have lots of experience with these saws, both sharpening and using them in the wilderness.  
  And lucky for you this one-of-a-kind saw is now for sale.

The saw blank was computer designed and digital water-jet cut by a facility in Albany, Oregon.  It is the classic "lance tooth and raker" design made famous in so many logging camps during the glory days of logging.
There are only 2 of these saws in existence!  They were designed for high speed and competition cutting, with slightly slimmer and taller teeth.  And it is brand new!
For the detailed story of these saws, please see:

6 foot crosscut saws like the classic Disstons are getting hard to find in good condition.  Rarer still are "new old stock" saws, which have been stored away unused for 60 years.
Better yet, a brand new saw with a lifetime of use ahead of it.

This saw has been professionally jointed, set and sharpened in my workshop.

4 entire days to sharpen this saw!  But now she's ready to sing for you.
The raker depth and tooth set were hand-hammered at .012"
Each tooth and raker has been shaped by hand
All edges have been carefully de-burred with whetstone
The entire saw was oil-sanded with 400 grit paper until perfect
A few small stains and scuffs from the blank but no pitting or gouges
2 teeth near one of the handles are slightly short due to the blank - it won't affect the saw

It is a beautiful saw with many years of useful life ahead.  I hope it goes to a good home and someone will enjoy it for me!  It is hard to let it go.
Please contact me if you'd like to make a reasonable offer on this rare and beautiful saw.


 Happy trails as always