Monday, March 7, 2016

10 Years of Oregon Volks Camps - 2008

for an introduction please see

2nd Annual Badger Creek Camp
Elaine Mike and Mark, giant woodpile and box of beer on cayon rim, what could be better?
March 2008

Elaine and Mike Badger Creek 2008
I told them to stand like American Gothic
they nailed it

1/2 way down the canyon into the tangle Elaine Mike and Stephan March 2008

Canyon Creek Camp (Washington)
A nice FS campground, but very busy and somewhat neglected
Giant trees, lots of people, trash in the bushes right on the creek
Spiffy Mike May 2008, and a sign of poor quality

Eva and Mike Canyon Creek May 2008

Lots of logging in the area.  Driving down the many logging spurs finds impacted, yet lovely recovering forests of alder and young firs of every kind.

Eva peeks from behind the Bus, and Spiffy May 2008

Eva and Mike, May 2008

Foggy Morning, Canyon Creek Wa. May 2008 and John by the fire

Grouse-Huxley 4611 Camp
The edge of the known wilderness in a sea of historic logging, this camp sits at the end of a barely-road, due to be commissioned.  Nature may do it first.
Jasan hides in his bus, probably scared from the drive in June 2008

Colin drops in

With his "Road Warrior" 1973 Bus, a year later it would save his life
The artist's portrait is accurate

2nd Annual Hambone Camp
Bob at Hambone, July 2008
All of the signs have since been stolen

many fannies scramble to the top

Anthony Terian Paige Marc look for old trails July 2008 

Way out in the middle of the wilds on terrible roads, this camp is often little-attended.  For some reason 2008 was highly attended, big crowd around the fire.

Mary and Hal July 2008 while sunbleached Eva chats

 Erin July 2008

 Eva and Lily angels July 2008

 Boston king of Marshmallows July 2008

 Papa Brendan July 2008

Eva July 2008

beaming and mosquito riddled Gypsie after a tune July 2008

 Sommer and baby, I like how her expression matches the phone July 2008

 A very lovely Gypsie on the Abbot Rd. July 2008 Lupine Princess

Terian July 2008 not amused

Neal reads verse and casts sparks July 2008 with Stephan in the back, unknown toes

Pyramids Camp - Willamette N.F.
A nice little "user-camp" in the Willamette, just south of the Mt. Hood N.F.  One of the most cut-over forests in the country, and also the last great old-growth stronghold
Stephan and Troy and weird dog Sept 2008 

Stephan and Troy looking for the old trail, 3 Pyramids Sept 2008
A tiny spider bite from this forest gave me chills, numb lips and a body rash for a day

Mark and the kids zoom around with Zoomer Sept 2008

The theme of this photo: Dogs.  I count 6.  Troy and DJ Anthony Sept 2008

Rho Creek Camp
Always refrigerated at any time of the year

 Mark on the old trail Oct 2008 just before the rain 

Day Tripper Hal Oct 2008 

Annual Winter Camp
Barlow Xing Camp this time, crisp ice over the puddles
Stephan and Jasan in the footsteps of the pioneers, Barlow Road Dec 2008

 Eli and a cupa joe Dec 2008 Barlow Ck.

 Mark burns the rice for Zane and Eli Dec 2008

 Troy enjoying the lovely chill Dec 2008

Mark in the cold drizzle but you'd never know it Dec 2008 Barlow Ck.

Zane welcomes in the night Dec 2008


  1. Colin really nailed the short shorts. in his drawing. I finally remember where I set my PBR down. Can you find it?

  2. I still remember thinking what the hell am I doing going down that road to Grouse-Huxley. Never was sure I was on the right road till I saw Mamma Bus. Not like there was a way to turn around anyway. Once in you had to commit to the end.