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10 Years of Oregon Volks Camps - 2009

for an introduction please see
 10 Years of Oregon Volks Camps - 2006 and the Beginning

2009 starts without a camp at all, but the building of a brand-new engine.
After 6 years of these crazy camps the old one was all worn out.

Gypsie in January 2009 big game hunter/mechanic
That poor old thrashed out engine got me to a lot of camps

I had a lot to learn and needed help - lots of it.

 Eva lends a hand cleaning engine tin Portland Feb 2009

 Hal once again in a mad frenzy Feb 2009

 Hal and Bob Feb 2009

Gypsie and that famous pic.  Feb 2009 bracketed by Neal and Barry

Bookwus Mike taking me on a parts run to Trafton's March 2009
30,000 miles later the new engine still runs like a top, thanks guys.  And Eva too.

Nehalem Unsuperbowl Camp
A WetWesties Event, annually at this gigantic multiloop state park right on the ocean
 A confident Stephan, fortified by that arrow Feb 2009 Nehalem Bay

John Shepski of Fluff and Gravy passing through Nehalem Feb 2009

Stephan and MIke catch futile, phantom-crabs on the Oregon Coast
Feb 2009 after a long bouncing curving drive along Highway 101

Mark all glorious in the unseasonal sun Feb 2009 Nehalem

Annual Badger Creek Camp
Every year a different location within the wilderness
This year, along the south canyon rim of Badger Creek

Chitown Todd bought this bus from Mark in Maupin, then drove it home to Chicago March 2009

Kirk's first Volks Camp March 2009 Badger Creek

Mark making me something March 2009 in the oaks and the sunshine

Spiffy and Mark March 2009 I don't know what the hell is going on here

Todd and Son March 2009

 Wilderness explorers Elaine Mike ? Satchmo Todd and his Son March 2009

 Chitown Todd and Son with tiny elves behind March 2009 Badger Creek 

Insane Mike March 2009
staring at
Insane Elaine, reading "Dewey" the entire trip, cute pic March 2009 all cozy

Music is the foundation of Volks Camps
Mark and Elaine cast waves and sparks March 2009 on Badger Creek

And Then
 Our friend Barry needed help with his Bus
 Barry Stephan Bookwus-Mike and ? Portland April 2009
Ok it's not a camp but either was the engine build 

1st Annual 4/20 Birthday Camp
Barry, Hal and Bob all have April 20 birthdays, what the hell
So we started a camp
The 4/20 reference is purely coincindental
Barry pokes in the door of his Westy April 2009 Portland

Sitting at Hal's house, I didn't feel so good. Oh no...
I spend my 40th birthday with a feverish flu, deep in the clammy rainy forest.  It sucks.
Hal and Barry and Stephan and families were all there to wish well.  Was it an ok camp?
I don't remember.

White River Canyon Camp
A surprisingly busy rutted dirt road at the bottom of a beautiful scrub-oak desert canyon
Barry in Portland May 2009 let's get the hell out of here

 Barry and lots of geology White River May 2009

Eva, dashing through time May 2009 slow down, would you?

Annual Deschutes River RendezVW Maupin Oregon
Mark makes me spell it that way

Wayne talking smack in the Clackamas parking lot while Troy peeks in the window June 2009

Bookwus back there, miss ya Mike June 2009
No pics of the event?  I don't remember.

Annual Hambone Camp
Way the hell out there, not for the timid
Mark decides to surprise us and show up un-announced
Mark decides to replace his fuel pump in the deep woods July 2009

Barry on 58 Road at Shellrock Ck. Clackamas Wilderness July 2009
Happy or nuts? 

 This nice family showed up to the camp, I don't remember their names and haven't seen them since...
Hope it wasn't everything everyone said July 2009 a salty lot

Mark peeks behind the old growth and makes me a sandwich July 2009

 Terian Stephan and Mark set out on the old 702 July 2009 amid the biting deerflies
I made that sign with a Sharpie, it lasted 6 years then someone stole it in 2015

 Terian up Hambone July 2009

 I tuckered out the kids Gypsie and Terian on top of the mountain July 2009

Terian and Papa Bob July 2009 Hambone

Gypsie fills lanterns while Barry gives him crap July 2009 oh my summertime

 Mellow Mark with deli mustard "Makes the ordinary...EXTRAORDINARY!"
It really says that on the bottle July 2009

 loopy hoopy happy Terian July 2009

 Stephan soothes Troy's Son along that old Abbot Rd. July 2009

All things must pass
Tired, hot, filthy and disgusting after a week in the woods and a hair-raising 3 hour drive ahead
I hate going home July 2009 Bob at the wheel of Mama Bus rattling down the Abbot Rd.

S. Fork Camp
A semi-annual camp atop a high peak, hit full force with storms or sweeping views
Gypsie hoards the hardtack and reverent John Sept 2009

John and family S. Fork Sept 2009

The night brings foggy rain, clouds scraping the peak as they blow by Sept 2009
And then that asshole Gypsie scares the hell out of us growling like a beast in the bushes
"IS it a beast?!"......RUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

Bob's Buck Camp
Along a series of high meadows in the season just before the snow
For a professional video of this camp please see:
thanks to Neal and Cheryle!
Gaggle of Buses Estacada Ranger Station Oct 2009 in the rain

Barry of the Woods at Cache Mdw. Oct 2009

 Cache Mdw. Oct 2009 Mark Gypsie and Jasan in the splendor

Gypsie Jasan and Carmen along the ancient 702 Trail Oct 2009

A cute Carmen pops in Oct 2009 at Bob's Buck Camp

In the dreams sun and smoke Oct 2009

A week later blizzards brought deep snow to the Oregon Cascades.
Another year, gone like a dream.

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  1. Mike "Bookwus" Browning passed in early 2011. His teachings and compassionate being will be missed.
    This was a big year for you all know why Neal and Barry can't look me in the eye anymore.
    Swaying trees, peaceful waters, and beautiful beings, (and maybe a stray splinter cat skirting the edge of the shadows making the grown men scream like schoolgirls...;-)). I see more in my future.