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10 Years of Oregon Volks Camps - 2010

for an introduction please see

Nehalem Bay Unsuperbowl Campout
The annual Wetwesties Event
 Eva beaming, on the way Feb 2010

 Kirk, recently back from the future Feb 2010 Nehalem

Erin and Eva Nehalem Feb 2010

It's a fun event despite the paved over nature and unpredictable winter weather.  Still, I'd rather be out in the quiet forests.

Annual Badger Creek Camp
This year, a knife-edge ridge between the Badgers (Creeks, that is).  
A quiet camp.  Where is that Gypsie?
Jasan comatose and dangling proudly in his new hammock Badger Creek Wilderness March 2010 

 camp March 2010 Jasan rummaging around in his Bus

 A forlorn Mark Badger Creek March 2010
 I like the cookies and chips just lying on the ground

 Perhaps insane, in the blue light of the full moon March 2010 Mark

Bob at Badger Creek March 2010 in the quiet night and probably insane too

Annual Deschutes RendezVW
In the railroad canyon of the sunny Deschutes
Event shirt design by Bob 2010

 Erin at the Deschutes June 2010 right behind the rock band

Mark puts on a good event.  If you like laid back VW community with amenities then this is the weekend for you.  Without room to roam around I start going nuts after a couple days.

 Cheryle and Neal doing what they do best at the RendezVW June 2010

 Troy and daughter Ava both delighted beyond measure Maupin June 2010

 A strange moment, Lily Erin and Eva as the dark clouds roll in June 2010 Maupin

 Jill smiles and Jasan sneaks a snort June 2010 Maupin

 Elaine shakes that thing June 2010 with Gypsie and Lori in the back
this is the only photo of Gypsie in 2010!  It must be the move to Ridgefield, alas.

 Ryan and Sluggo Randy at their first Oregon camp June 2010 Maupin who'd a thought?

Static Joe and Colin June 2010 at the Deschutes

Annual Hambone Camp
Eva taking it easy in the extreme peace July 2010

No one could make the 2010 Hambone Camp, can you believe it?  It didn't stop Eva.
Sometimes you really need quiet to appreciate the subtlety of  nature and these wilderness places.
  It was a nice change of pace to have the camp to ourselves for a few days.  Eva is already getting so big and is able to take care of herself more and more, what a great camper!

 Eva delighted and in her element, Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness July 2010

 wacky girl stealing the twilight bananas Hambone July 2010

After a few lovely days, we check out High Rock on the way out.
It's an old CCC camp from the '30s, built stoutly but neglected like so many Mt. Hood N.F. artifacts lying in ruin.

 Eva and a treacherous outhouse July 2010

High Rock Springs Forest Camp (abandoned) July 2010

Well, this neglect simply cannot do.

High Rock Springs Forest Camp
2 weeks later with a Bus full of lumber and hardware, we aim to fix that old poop-house from 1930

Hal in the elevator shaft Aug 2010


after a weekend's work the interior is like new High Rock Aug 2010
next year, the exterior

 Hal speculates Aug 2010 near High Rock

 Hal backing down the old High Rock road after a 45deg. slope caused gas to pour out he's crazy you know Aug 2010

 Hal on High Rock overlooking the whole of the Clackamas Aug 2010
there used to be a fire lookout up there, must have been a hell of a ride in a storm

 Trying to picture the High Rock CCC Camp from the 1930's Hal in 2010

Hal straining to see the Perseid Meteor Shower but just falling asleep Aug 2010

Baty Butte and Blister Creek Camp 
Have you ever felt it in your gut when big change is coming?  
near the base of Baty Butte basking in that September sun fleeting like a bird 2010

One morning the sunlight shot through my window with a golden blast, and it brought me to joyous tears.  I'm not one to cry at the sun; I knew something was up.
The next day, back in the material world I gave notice to a horrible job that was killing me, yet most of my bags were already packed.
home in Mama Bus Sept 2010

Little Badger Camp
Free at last!  I camped alone to celebrate my new independence.
NOW what?
one of my favorite photos of Mama bus at Little Badger in the rain Sept 2010
It is a weird feeling being newly liberated

Plaza Camp
At the very end of the horrible Abbot Road on a watershed divide, we create a temporary village on the edge of the wilderness
 kids just a blur in the night Sept 2010 Plaza Camp

Eva stuffs her face, a composed Paige and Wacky Ava bounce through the night Sept 2010

Paige displays insane mushroom Sept 2010 Plaza

Vanwilder makes an emphatic point at Plaza Sept 2010 as Jasan looks on

Eva and Lilly on the roof Sept 2010 Plaza Camp

White River Camp
Right on the old Barlow Road, where covered wagons literally camped in the mid 1800s
It's still a spooky place, you can hear the wagons creak with their loads
 Jasan proudly displays new beer holder Oct 2010 White River flanked by Spiffy and John

 Circle the wagons!  I wonder if we thought of that when we were there?  The irony Oct 2010 
White River Camp

Vanwilder, and I think, Jasan I can't quite see him Oct 2010 White River

 Oct 2010 White River Camp Radny Vanwilder Jasan Spiffy John and Bob's Buses

On the Barlow Road Oct 2010 and into history ourselves

In the rain, time to go home. 
 All that glorious weather can't last, and regret rises, the end of another season, another year alive.

But first we must help Neal drop his engine in Bertha Bus.

Neal in Portland Dec 2010 hoping the engine will perhaps remove itself

It is strange to condense a year into just a few photos, selective memories.  It is incredible how much living that can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.
To much wilderness, too little time.

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