Thursday, December 29, 2011

Green Cascadia to the Cripple Creek Trail - November 2011

Terrance at the 3 Lynx Trailhead

Winter has arrived in a resounding series of icy winds and white glops.  How does the same place of summer delight tun into a soggy slog?  But anything is better than sitting at home, especially when the wondrous Cascades slumber nearby.

Cripple Creek, like so many Clackamas River tributaries climbs from the deep canyon bottom, up to fore mentioned Cache and beyond.  The trail is quite old; however it has escaped the dotted-line notoriety of most of the old maps.  Why?  Another mystery, as the trail is well graded and practical.  It was rescued from oblivion by Trailadvocates, and now basks in silent appreciation.

During these cold winter days, the peace is remarkable, overpowering.  If it wasn't for the cold, one could melt into the scenery.  But the rising mists and rolling skies remind one that the close night will soon be at hand.  No matter, for this time holds a different spirit than the blue of summer.  The silent and almost overpowering woods are free to release their magnitudes for those bold and bundled spirits that seek more than the easy confines and pleasant comforts of our established world.  It is a good time to be alive.

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