Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cottonwood Meadows Camp - Late August 2011

In the dog days of summer, as the dear old sun sinks in the afternoon sky ever earlier, the long warm days are nearly over.  Soon autumn hues will decorate the high country in golden tones and rich burnt red.  The kids will soon be back in school as the air turns crisp and cold.  The thick fog and eternal damp will once again return to the mountains.

It is time to celebrate the end of a wonderful season with one last long camp with just Papa and Eva.

But this is Oregon.  Sometimes summer never quite makes it to the Cascades.

No matter.  We have coats and fire, and keep active enough to ward off any chills.

New days give us time together to explore and enjoy each other's company, far away from the madness of the city.

This may be one of the last opportunities of the year for a long camp trip.  And we make the most of it.

delicious ripe huckleberries, each bush has a different flavor


Draped across the Old Cascades lie  a series of lovely meadows, remnants of glaciers that once blanketed a continent.  They are timeless, flower filled, and thick with mosquitoes even in late summer.

A very old fire ring marks an ancient camp on the edge of meadow.  Who camped here a thousand years ago?  What were his thoughts as he studied the star filled sky?

And the trail beckons us over, and ever further

Soon night falls again in a hush.  Tomorrow is another day, ripe with possibility.

But what is this?  The sun?  Remarkable.  What a difference a day makes.

A trail goes up and over this ridge.

Rimrock Trail in the surprise sun

first wilderness permit (and very cute too)

View from Mt. Mitchell under forest fire haze

1930s era phone line insulator still on duty

old phone line, discarded

Spliced line, probably from 70 years ago.  Where are those original old hands now?

Ahhhhhhh!  But soon you will be back in school little one.
  Starting 2nd grade is never easy.  May these rays of summer keep you warm and fresh and full of wonder.

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