Tuesday, April 12, 2016

10 Years of Oregon Volks Camps - 2014

for an introduction please see

2014?  I still have stuff in my fridge from then.  Before, even.
So how is that 2 years ago already?  My my.

At John's in Eugene, picking up Bus2 January 2014 and the last time I saw that guy.  Miss you John!

Nehalem Wetwesties
on the lonesome Oregon Coast
Raccoons are smart and will steal your food, in the dead of a wet night
this fellow, who I don't know could play sea kelp like an alpine horn Feb 2014 Nehalem

Gray Ghost Feb 2014 Nehalem

"Electric Pants" Kirk Hal and Stephan bask in that breezy morning fog Feb 2014 Nehalem

Annual Badger Creek Camp
in the pines, in the pines, where the sun nevah shines I will shivver the whole night through" 
said Leadbelly
blues in the woods

Stephan and Mark on a cleartop burn March 2014 Badger Creek

"Big Ditch Camp" in the big trees on Highland Ditch
 looks like a nice day as Mark picks a tune March 2014 Badger Creek Wilderness

Eva reading through her hat March 2014 Badger Creek

Mark pretends not to see me March 2014 and Mike's spine looks bent doesn't it?  Hope he's ok.

 on the faint abandoned trail to Badger Creek, almost gone March 2014 with Mike
Eva is not pleased

 Eva flying, caught in time March 2014 Badger Creek 

Eva and the Zeppelins March 2014 Badger Creek

Granite Powerline Camp
Down long, long roads gravel and well maintained around the ridges of thick forests
for the big powerlines
And then this camp, finally in a small meadow
along the old Mt. Lowe Trail
 Murphy awaits May 2014 Memorial Day at Granite Powerline Camp

an upright Mike, and Melissa's first drive into a wilderness camp May 2014 Granite Powerline Camp

Neil Young, Janelle, Wyatt Earp and Melissa explore one of the many, many abandoned roads
on the edge of old forest, built in a hurry to cut down those same old forests May 2014

 Mike clearing a part of that old 595 Trail May 2014 Granite Wilderness

"and he has had enough"
poor Mike perhaps dead on the road from too much work
Granite Wilderness May 2014

Salmon River Camp
Large trees and healthy habitat, in an area of gigantic fires a century ago
Yet the forest is thriving
when you leave it alone
Eva and Ben delighted in the summer July 2014 Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness

Eva Ben Alison Marc and Erin posing in front of the ghost Salmon River Guard Station July 2014
Can you imagine being stationed here for the summer, so far away on that fast clear river?

Gypsie looking very, very suspicious and even a little guilty July 2014
 Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness

Marc and Alison play a beautiful tune in the starry night of July 2014 Salmon River Country

Alison waves frantically and I don't know why, still to this day and a dour Gypsie July 2014 
On the way home, on a very old road, pierce the brush like an icebreaker ship

"Yes, yes, quite" Stephan, gentleman-whaler July 2014 along that old road yet again

Annual Hambone Camp
Out there for a week
sometimes the City encroaches with idiots and too much noise
and then the silence rushes back in, like mercury to fill the void
 Don and Randy hang on as August hurtles past, summer in the Salmon-Huckleberry 2014

 Don, near the end August 2014 along the Abbot

a week?  12 seconds and it is all past and now only photographs
Goodbye August 2014 on the dusty Abbot Rd.

Fixing Hal's Bus
Installing A high top, for some reason
Kirk Justin Hal and Mike after a hard day's work September 2014

Cameo by Bob September 2014 Portland OR working hard you see

Fir Tree Camp
A fire closure forces us out of the Clackamas
up along the old Sherar Burn
10,000 cars pass the camp, on the way to Kinzel Lk.
In the middle of nowhere
Randy down the road Sept 2014 just before the cold

 fisherman at Veda Lk. trailhead Sept 2012 Randy raring to go

Randy catching crawdads up at Veda in the fast fleeting sun
 and it drops below the ridge with a POP Sept 2014

Huck Finn 2014 Veda Lk.

ol Suggo on yet another old trail, dropping down to the Salmon River 2000' forget it Sept 2014

Randy welcomes the night at Fir Tree Camp
 goodbye to summer Sept 2014 in the high country

Annual Hunter's Moon Camp - Plaza Camp
Again, a long drive down endless gravel Forest Service roads
that give way to 1930s dirt Forest Service roads, now quaint in their history
and finally an old camp on the ridge, just before the cold rain
and then the snow
A weak sun in the firs Oct 2014 Plaza Camp

Jasan enjoying that same lateseason sun Oct 2014 Plaza Camp, before the rain

 Mama Bus does the same Oct 2014 Plaza Camp

goony Randy and Jasan in the shadows Oct 2014 Plaza Camp

 Jasan and Don on the trail to Plaza, a clammy Oct 2014 and the heavy rain is on the way

 Rhododendrons in the rain Oct 2014 Plaza Camp

Buses going home, sooner or later you have to...Oct 2014 at Squaw Meadows 
and of course the sun comes out

No Snow Camp in 2014?  I think a bad winter storm came through that year.
  I'm sure we had a very good excuse.

Next: 2015 and the end of this series! 
See you then.